Output voltagepeak   > 120 V
Output current cut-out limitpeak
(with 5 retries)
  > 80 A
Output powers and permissible nominal loads   Output C1 Output C2
8 ohm (Bridgeable)
  850 W (3,400 W) 850 W
4 ohm (Bridgeable)
  1,700 W (6,800 W) 1,700 W
2.7 ohm
  2,550 W 2,550 W
2.0 ohm
  3,400 W 3,400 W

Number of individual inputs



Number of individual outputs



THD at 1 kHz at 4 ohms and -3 dB


< 0.03 %

Frequency response 20 Hz to 20 kHz at 8 ohms at -15 dB


+ / – 0.5 dB (typically + / – 0.05 dB)

Damping factor at 8 ohms, 100 Hz


> 1000, typically 1500 comprising the SpeakON® connectors, typ. 5 mOhms

Latency without DSP or bypass (connector to connector)


0.000 ms, ZeroLatency™ technology

Signal limiter



Current monitoring



LF limiter


Yes, reduces the gain gently

HF limiter


Yes, reduces the gain gently

AC mains supply monitoring /
Power management



Rearmounted gain factor toggle switch


26 dB and 32 dB basic gain

Frontmounted rotary gain controls


0 dB to – 100 dB, digitally controlled

Rearmounted bridge mode switch


Channel 1 and 2: Yes

AC mains supply input


1 x Neutrik® PowerCON®

Analogue input and slave connectors


2 x 3-pin Neutrik® full metal socket and 2 x 3-pin Neutrik® full metal plug

Amplifier output connectors


2 x 4-pin high current Neutrik® SpeakON®

Resolution ADC input


24 bit

Sampling frequency ADC input


96 kHz default, optionally 48 kHz and 192 kHz (selectable via DSPSoftEngine™)

Latency with active DSP (connector to connector)


0.2 ms at 96 kHz sampling frequency, QuasiAnalog™ technology

DSP delay


0 ms to 340 ms (115 m) in total per channel pair at 96 kHz

DSP memory locations



DSP RMS limiter


Yes, TrueRMS, optionally with ForecastLimiter™ by DSPSoftEngine™

DSP Peak limiter


Yes, optionally with ForecastLimiter™ by DSPSoftEngine™

Hoellstern® DSPSoftEngine™


Yes, comprehensive basic setups, expandable as desired

Remote control network


Yes, D-Sub 9 socket, RS-485 network, RS-232 point-to-point, Hoellstern® protocol

Frontside status LEDs display


Standby, Signal Input, VU -6 dB, VU -3 dB , VU 0 dB and Signal Limit

Frontside error LEDs display


Current, HF / LF Limiter, Temperature

Frontside rotary controls


One rotary step control with digital sensing per channel

Frontside switches


Standby / ON switch, software-controlled

AC mains input


180 VAC to 265 VAC, operative from 70 VAC, 400 V tolerant

Starting current


10 A softstart

Intelligent AC mains power management


Yes, iCVP® technology, dual hard-regulated switching power supply



Up to 84 % (AC mains input to audio output)

AC mains fusing


16 A (class B breaker), for personal alarm systems class C circuit breaker or better

Housing construction


Black powder-coated steel body , anodised aluminium front panel

Handles and 19″ rack ears


Yes, anodised aluminium, replaceable

Air filter and grids


Open-pore foam, spring steel grids, black powder-coated, vacuum-cleanable

Air rate and fans


2 fans, temperature-controlled speed, front sucking



Width: 19″ (483 mm), height: 2 RU (88 mm), overall depth: 290 mm from rack ears



10 kg (22 lbs), shipping weight 12 kg (26 lbs)

Auvilight / ARC ?

Knowhow - Ons bedrijf Auvilight, voortgekomen uit Roosen Showequipment en Roosen Showshop, is al meer dan 35 jaar actief in nederland. Hier door hebben wij uitgebreide kennis vergaard over audio, video en lighting.


Service - Audiovisuele projecten worden door ons ontworpen en ondersteund, door en met een team van ervaren specialisten, allen met passie voor beeld, licht en geluidstechniek. Deze passie brengen wij graag over op onze klanten.

Kwaliteit - Dankzij onze importeurschappen als Sommer Cable, Hoellstern, Pro Audio Technology en LAWO kunnen wij u een uitgelezen pakket aan audiovisuele producten en oplossingen bieden, samengesteld met oog voor kwaliteit en flexibiliteit.


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