Output voltagepeak   > 120 V
Output current cut-out limitpeak
(with 5 retries)
  > 80 A
Output powers and permissible nominal loads   Output C1 Output C2
8 ohm (Bridgeable)
  850 W (3,400 W) 850 W
4 ohm (Bridgeable)
  1,700 W (6,800 W) 1,700 W
2.7 ohm
  2,550 W 2,550 W
2.0 ohm
  3,400 W 3,400 W

Number of individual inputs



Number of individual outputs



THD at 1 kHz at 4 ohms and -3 dB


< 0.03 %

Frequency response 20 Hz to 20 kHz at 8 ohms at -15 dB


+ / – 0.5 dB (typically + / – 0.05 dB)

Damping factor at 8 ohms, 100 Hz


> 1000, typically 1500 comprising the SpeakON® connectors, typ. 5 mOhms

Latency without DSP or bypass (connector to connector)


0.000 ms, ZeroLatency™ technology

Signal limiter



Current monitoring



LF limiter


Yes, reduces the gain gently

HF limiter


Yes, reduces the gain gently

AC mains supply monitoring /
Power management



Rearmounted gain factor toggle switch


26 dB and 32 dB basic gain

Frontmounted rotary gain controls


0 dB to – 100 dB, digitally controlled

Rearmounted bridge mode switch


Channel 1 and 2: Yes

AC mains supply input


1 x Neutrik® PowerCON®

Analogue input and slave connectors


2 x 3-pin Neutrik® full metal socket and 2 x 3-pin Neutrik® full metal plug

Amplifier output connectors


2 x 4-pin high current Neutrik® SpeakON®

Resolution ADC input


24 bit

Sampling frequency ADC input


96 kHz default, optionally 48 kHz and 192 kHz (selectable via DSPSoftEngine™)

Latency with active DSP (connector to connector)


0.2 ms at 96 kHz sampling frequency, QuasiAnalog™ technology

DSP delay


0 ms to 340 ms (115 m) in total per channel pair at 96 kHz

DSP memory locations



DSP RMS limiter


Yes, TrueRMS, optionally with ForecastLimiter™ by DSPSoftEngine™

DSP Peak limiter


Yes, optionally with ForecastLimiter™ by DSPSoftEngine™

Hoellstern® DSPSoftEngine™


Yes, comprehensive basic setups, expandable as desired

Remote control network


Yes, D-Sub 9 socket, RS-485 network, RS-232 point-to-point, Hoellstern® protocol

Frontside status LEDs display


Standby, Signal Input, VU -6 dB, VU -3 dB , VU 0 dB and Signal Limit

Frontside error LEDs display


Current, HF / LF Limiter, Temperature

Frontside rotary controls


One rotary step control with digital sensing per channel

Frontside switches


Standby / ON switch, software-controlled

AC mains input


180 VAC to 265 VAC, operative from 70 VAC, 400 V tolerant

Starting current


10 A softstart

Intelligent AC mains power management


Yes, iCVP® technology, dual hard-regulated switching power supply



Up to 84 % (AC mains input to audio output)

AC mains fusing


16 A (class B breaker), for personal alarm systems class C circuit breaker or better

Housing construction


Black powder-coated steel body , anodised aluminium front panel

Handles and 19″ rack ears


Yes, anodised aluminium, replaceable

Air filter and grids


Open-pore foam, spring steel grids, black powder-coated, vacuum-cleanable

Air rate and fans


2 fans, temperature-controlled speed, front sucking



Width: 19″ (483 mm), height: 2 RU (88 mm), overall depth: 290 mm from rack ears



10 kg (22 lbs), shipping weight 12 kg (26 lbs)

Auvilight / ARC ?

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